~ Scottish Wedding ~

Mike and I are getting married on 25/07/2015 – just over 12 months away. I am so beyond excited…

My lovely friend Anna married her partner, Scott, seven weeks ago. I was there as a bridesmaid, and helped set up the venue (Coo Cathedral in Aboyne) in the days before the ceremony. It was a beautiful day and an honour to be part of it. I loved Anna’s theme – country Scottish chic, with wildflowers, lace and tealights – and I hope to do the same for my own Big Day.

I’ll be updating this blog with our wedding plans as we make them – so far, we have the venue and date sorted… And I’ve bought myself a beautiful, beautiful dress that I cannot wait to wear!



~ Waterfalls and Fjords ~

I picked up some photos from the shop on Friday – I use mainly film for my ‘real photography’: the shots that I take my time with, trying to make the best I can. From a 24-exposure roll of Ilford HP5+ I got a handful I was pleased with – mainly of the melt-waterfalls I was so taken with on a trip to Røldal last month.

The pictures don’t capture the sound of the water thundering down from the melting mountain snow to the icy rivers; it was an incredible experience like none I’ve had before. Mike and I have always been outdoorsy types, but the walks we enjoyed in Scotland were never on this scale. We passed so many of these waterfalls we became almost blasé about it – although not quite.