Wilder blustered the tide,
And I sat on the shore, and gazed upon
The white dance of the billows.

~ Heinrich Heine,  The North Sea.

Hi! I’m Kirsty.

I’m a marine biologist working in an oil and gas company, with ambitions to make my love of photography a larger part of what I do. I’m also a home-maker, an inappropriate-laugher, an experimental baker, a procrastinator, an organiser and one of life’s fallers (gravity definitely has a stronger grip on some people). I love the sea, photography, warm evenings, cold mornings, tea, and the excitement of writing the first words in a new notebook.

I’ve been drifting north since I was 7 years old… born in Lincolnshire, England; moving to Yorkshire; then to Aberdeen, Scotland for university. I met my Prince Charming – Mike – when I was 20, and we moved together across the North Sea to Stavanger, Norway, earlier this year. We’re getting married in July 2015.

I plan to use Over the Billows to share updates on the life of an expat in Norway, a girl 12 months from getting married, an avid cook and a passionate photographer.

Feel free to stop by and say hello!



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting career path; what was your major? Did you do a master’s / PhD? What is your role in the company? I guess they have to do environmental impact statements, etc. by government requirement, but just wondering.
    Enjoy those cold mornings way up there in Norway! (I’ll soon be enduring sweltering days in Japan!)


    • I studied Marine Biology at University in Scotland. No MSc or PhD – I was thinking of doing the former but a job offer came along quite quickly once I graduated with my BSc (Hons). You got my main job role pretty spot-on: I mainly do impact assessment on everything from the kind of paint we use on subsea equipment to the impacts of building a new oil/gas platform. I also help raise awareness in the other departments on the importance of thinking of the environment, and use computer programs to model oil and chemicals spills (both actual and worst-case potentials) to feed into emergency documents and procedures. It’s a really interesting thing to do!
      Japan is somewhere I’d love to visit – perhaps one day! I look forward to seeing a blog post or two from you when you’re there. We’ve had temperatures of between 30-32 degrees C for the last 7 days here and have taken to sleeping outside at night… But I’m sure I’ll get some of my beloved cold mornings later in the year 🙂


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