~ Green Fingers and Golfing ~

All this outdoor living, good food and more free time has inspired me to begin gardening. I’m starting small, with some herbs. I usually buy a plant when I need herbs for a recipe – basil, coriander, chives – and I usually kill the entire plant within the week: first by first overplucking its leaves (have you ever seen a recipe that calls for less than a handful of coriander?) and then forgetting to water it, followed by a deluge when I suddenly realise it’s drier than Ghandi’s sandal. 

Getting into the planting - crazy fringe due to a warm, but very strong, breeze!

Getting into the planting – crazy fringe due to a warm, but very strong, breeze!

Hopefully the 4 herbs I chose (basil, mint, coriander and rosemary) survive a little longer. I’m leaving them outside for now, but I suppose they will live indoors in the winter. Mike says if I can keep them alive for 2 months, he’ll buy me a watering can. 

After splurging on my new plants, Mike and I decided to have a quick go on the driving range at Sola Stranden. I’ve been thinking about buying myself a new set of clubs for a while – the ones I own were bought for me by my parents when I was 12 – so I made a casual enquiry about 2nd hand sets at the pro shop. The guy behind the desk was stunned at the coincidence: they normally don’t keep 2nd hand ladies’ clubs, but a member had sadly recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and was looking to sell her set. They were really good quality, almost mint condition and a good size for me. I paid 3 000,00 NOK (around £300) for a set of Taylor Made irons (5-9), a Taylor Made driver, a Calloway hybrid and a lovely putter. They came in a nice Titleist bag, too, which was stuffed full of golf balls, a couple of gloves and other paraphernalia. I don’t think I’d have got a better deal in the UK – especially with what I’d have had to pay to take them back over here with me on the plane. I had a go on the driving range, then on Sunday tried them out on the 18-hole course, too. Good fun – especially the driver – and I finished only 18 strokes behind Mike: not too shabby since I was using the men’s tees.

Made a very disappointing chicken tagine on Sunday – one of Tori Haschaka’s, who is a favorite of mine. Bland in colour and taste, and severely let down with the poor-quality chicken we got from the supermarket. It’s very hard to find chicken that isn’t breast here – or so I’ve found. Must have a look in the butcher’s tonight to see if I can get hold of some thighs to freeze for use later.

Finally, I had a really exciting message from one of my old work colleagues on Sunday evening – her and her partner, who met on Match.com a couple of years back, are engaged! I am so incredibly happy for her. I was really lucky to work with some fantastic girls around my age back in Aberdeen, and I’m so glad we’re still in touch. I can’t wait to see the diamond in real life soon – it looked gorgeous from the pictures. 

My own wedding planning hasn’t really taken off yet – I must get on it this week so that I can update my Wedding Planning page with a bit more information!



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