~ Wedding Hairstyles ~

A quick post this morning about hair. I have super thick, frizzy hair that needs a lot of work. This means that I’m quite specific about the kind of hairstyle I want for my big day, and am probably giving it more priority than most brides! I need an updo as there’s going to be a lot of dancing at our wedding and if I leave my hair down, I’ll look like Monica in that episode of Friends when they go to the Caribbean…!

I’ve been pinning on Pinterest and a few designs have caught my eye. My requirements are:

  • I want it to look loose and natural, but it mustn’t come down (even with lots of Scottish dancing!)
  • It must be fully off my face at the front: the hair most likely to frizz up and leave me with a halo of out-of-control flicky bits is all around my forehead!
  • The bun at the back must be central, like in the last picture. I had a side-bun for Anna’s wedding last month and after enduring a day of one hellishly tickly ear (due to heavy hairspraying and more than 35 bobby pins), I have decided I don’t want to put up with that on my wedding day!
  • The bun must also be quite high off my neck – the back of my dress is very detailed and I want to make the most of it.
  • I would like loads of wildflowers woven in.

Most of the images I’ve posted above fill my requirements, but I especially love the second picture – if the hairdresser can do that (while adding lots of flowers), I’ll be a happy lady!

With just less than a year to go until the big day, I think I’ll only be able to keep my fringe for one more haircut before I start growing it out. It’s a shame as I do really like it (even if that’s only because I think it looks a bit like Zooey Deschanel’s when it’s styled) but I always think braids work best without lots of different lengths at the front.

I’ve got a wedding to go to at the end of August so I’ll have my fringe trimmed once more for that, then start the delightful job of growing it past that awkward stage where it just looks bizarre. Butterfly clips. Lots of butterfly clips.



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