~ One Year Today… ~

… I’ll be getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry Mike… Eeeek! I’m so excited, I thought I’d do a post about our wedding plans so far.

The Venue: I have a really compact family: my mum and dad, one aunt and myself. By contrast, Mike seems to be related to half of Aberdeen. Still, we’ve decided to have quite a small wedding – around 50 people. We will marry in Scotland – despite loving living in Norway, Mike’s more elderly relatives simply won’t be able to come over here: some of them don’t even have passports!

Inside the hall - imagine it without the chairs and with lots of fairylights!

Inside the hall – imagine it with lots of fairylights, candles and a traditional Scottish band on the stage! 

Neither of us wanted to get married in a hotel, but a lot of the alternatives (barns, marquees) are quite big: no use for us. A friend mentioned looking at village halls so I started to research halls in Aberdeenshire and Moray, and the last time Mike and I were back in Aberdeen we took a tour round eight of the best.

Perhaps a little formal for us - I plan on filling all available surfaces with wildflowers!

Perhaps a little formal for us – I plan on filling all available surfaces with wildflowers.   (Check out those lovely tartan curtains!)

The first one we saw we actually liked a lot – that was Victory Hall in Aboyne. The only downside for me was that there was limited outdoor space, as I’m crossing my fingers for good weather so we can have the ceremony outside! The next five were fairly awful – a bit smelly, scruffy and with that hideous strip lighting you get in community sports halls. By this point we were starting to get a bit disillusioned! Then we saw the seventh venue – Glenlivet Village Hall. I totally fell in love. The downside was the distance from Aberdeen, where most of our guests will be travelling from. Still, we were convinced we could work round it, and we nearly cancelled our viewing of the eighth venue! Luckily we didn’t, because it was absolutely perfect.

The surrounding countryside of the Finzean Estate.

The surrounding countryside of the Finzean Estate. Finzean is Gaelic (pronounced “Fing-an”) and means The Fair Place. Photo courtesy of Jane Cragie.


Finzean Hall, a pine-lined, tartan-curtained, very Scottish village hall close to Aberdeen and surrounded by fields. Exactly what I’d been dreaming of! It wasn’t expensive to book, and any money we pay will go back into the community. The pictures I’ve added to this post just don’t do it justice, it is so pretty.

The Rest: Think country wedding. Informal wildflowers everywhere. A touch of tartan (Mike will be wearing a kilt of course), a ceilidh band and dancing into the night. Fairy lights, candles, lace and champagne. Lots of laughing, singing and fun. An outside ceremony on the grass if we can, gazebos set up to drink bubbles in the shade. My three best friends as my bridesmaids – Anna, Anna and Heather – and Mike’s best man sharing a hip flask of whiskey with Grandpa. Photos in the surrounding fields, a relaxed atmosphere and a day with our loved ones that we’ll remember forever.

My dress? Well, that’s a secret until the big day.



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